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This isn’t the first time they have sold out.  We will just have to get another browser. It wasn’t so hot anyway.


But WaterFox is, and it is much faster with painless installation. Just click install and everything else is retained. Do it and you won’t regret it.

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buy electronics with bitcoin Yes the prices are low, and they have so many features, it seems to good to be true. And, that is for a reason; it isn’t true. These radios from Wal-Mart, many web sites like EBay and Amazon sell them and may take them back when they arrive Dead On Arrival or die. Most of them are junk with many features not working or not working for long. Consider this; you spend your money and then spend hours of your time getting the right mounting brackets, wiring harness and figuring out how to hook it up. The watch word is hours and gas money running back and forth, or ordering and returning and researching on the web how to do it. At minimum wage you may have $50 to $100 or more plus gas invested in just getting it to work, if it works when you do everything right. Too bad if you had already paid 300.00 for an install. If it is DOA, which many many are, or it dies you are in the hole, even if people like Amazon or Wal-Mart give a no hassle refund. Think twice before you buy a cheap Chinese single din or double din receiver, head or radio.

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Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

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Grand Funk Railroad was actually bigger than the Beatles, just not quite as smart.

Metallica to Perform at 2014 Grammy Awards
Lorde Confirmed to Perform at 2014 Grammy Awards
First Performers Announced for ‘A Grammy Salute to the Beatles’
Taylor Swift, Pink set to perform at 56th annual Grammy Awards
Chicago Joins Grammy Awards Lineup


Though most people wouldn’t give their phone number to a stranger on the street, they’re happy to share their digits with Lowes, Home Depot, Belk, Arby’s Burger King, Chic Fil A, and other sites and retailers so arrogant and bold as to readily invade your privacy by asking for your phone number. But as millions of young Snapchat users just learned, phone numbers are valuable information to hackers. Just say NO.

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We´d like to thank all our friends and fans for supporting our music and wish you and your families a Happy  New Year 2014!

   Pat,  Randy,  Joe,  Steffen,  Raimund  - WORLD5

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Record labels have interest in the idea of renting consumers access to tunes, rather than selling them CDs singles. Beware of Record Labels bearing gifts.


This is , more than from AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Yet, the government would rather collect the taxes, than stop it.

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